Declaration of Independence Thief
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It's well known that this thief was raising Arizona with strong ties to the Coppola family, and is a fan of national treasures. Don't be moonstruck by his dashing good looks, he's willing to face-off with any opposition.

He has an affinity for bread even when it's stale, it's been said there's no roll he'd turn down. His many personalities have allowed him to con air travel around the globe.

25+ Successful thievings last year!

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We have compiled hundreds of photos of the thief for recognition. With all this data, we can train a model to capture the thief before they get too far.


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We've matched the thief across other thieves using state of the art training. We can even recognize our thief next to Chad Kroeger!

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The model is trained with a front-facing CNN to featurize and capture the culprit.

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